Self Service Car Garage

Located in Gravesend, DA11 0RW.

Ideal for London, Kent and the South East.


Our Garage is ideal for DIY vehicle servicing & maintenance, educational / NVQ courses, and Race / Track car build projects.


Basic tools available such as a 1/2” and 1/4” socket set, as well as an air compressor with air tools and a cordless Impact gun. 

Also includes a waste oil drainer and a 0.5 tonne transmission jack.


The garage is also equipped with 10 electrical 240V double sockets and USB ports and a workbench and metal workers vice.


It is also FULLY lit with LED industrial workshop lights.

The ramp has a safe working load (SWL) of 3.0 tonnes so suitable for all domestic cars. 


There is a height restriction of 1.8 metres and the garage has full interior and exterior night/day CCTV coverage for peace of mind. 

Equipment & Pricing


Hourly, half day, full day, weekly and monthly rates - see below.



Weekday Pricing:

Half day (4 hours: 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm) £80
Full day (9hours: 8am-5pm) £120

Weekend Pricing

Half day (4 hours: 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm) £100
Full day (9hours: 8am-5pm) £150

Longer Term Pricing





Book online today and rent your own DIY ramp.

Using The Ramp


We are open 8am-5pm everyday and offer whole or half day booking slots. We offer discounted rates for weekday (Mon - Fri) bookings. Please read the following information before booking your slot:


Leaving Your Tools/Car In The Garage Overnight
If you book 2 or more days in succession, you are welcome to keep your tools and car in the garage overnight for the duration of your booking. This is a private garage, so no other customers will have access to the garage during this time.

Cancellation policy/refund
As we operate one garage, we cannot provide refunds unless your slot is resold to another customer.

Please contact us if you need to cancel or reschedule your slot.


By making a booking you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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Essex Rd



DA11 0RW

Tel: 07790 901 481



Mon - Sunday: 8am - 5pm

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